Sunday, October 29, 2017

Don't Blame Victims for the Crime


FINAL Lyrics (reposted for Amanda Nguyen and RISE who won the landmark victory to pass a Bill of Rights through Congress protecting Rape Victims, by reforming procedural flaws causing further injustice and trauma):

Don't Blame Victims for the Crime

[How dare you blame me
After you rape me]

How dare you blame me
For things beyond my control
How dare you make up lies
That I consented
I clearly was passed out cold
I'm not the one on trial. Don't
Point your filthy little guilty
Fingers at me. I'm lucky I'm alive
This almost killed me

Why am I judged by society?
While you deny what you did to me?
If I'm not crazy I'd lose my mind
Reading the headlines:
Blaming victims for the crime!

Will Lady Justice
Get sold to the highest bid?
Is every Jury biased?
By what I'm wearing when
NOTHING that I said or did
Could ever justify this!

Laws were not intended to be
Used to SHAME
And silence every witness
To this sickness!

Why is due process denied to me?
While you get off with LUNCACY?
Have we gone crazy and lost our minds
Believing the headlines?
Don't blame victims for the crime!

[How dare you blame us
And not the rapists]

My baby sister,
She takes this upon herself.
I told her maybe
It would have been someone else...

Who cries in the dark
Her life torn apart
While dangerous killers walk free
Till we cure the real disease
Abuse can be healed
Prevented in time
Till then who's paying for the crime?

We won't put up with society
Condemning us, while crooks go free!
Sign our petition, tell all your friends
Everyone online: STOP
Blaming victims for the crime!

Let Justice prevail
Not put up for sale
By criminals courts, where drug lords
Traffic women through the jails.
The cycle can break
When we make up our minds:
Don't blame victims for crime!



Lyrics inspired by the two sisters at Stanford who brought this issue to worldwide attention, and dedicated to RISE and the outreach work by Amanda Nguyen:


  1. Lyrics inspired by the two sisters at Stanford who brought this issue to worldwide
    attention, and dedicated to RISE and the outreach work by Amanda Nguyen:

    Urge Congress to Support Rape Survivor Rights! -
    Amanda Nguyen started this petition with a single signature, and won with 140,680 supporters. Start a petition to change something you care about.

    The Time is Now. America leads the world in protecting citizens' rights to liberty and equality, yet our country currently lacks baseline procedures for rape ...

    Want to help more? Visit our forum!
    In the coming months, we’re expecting a House vote on the Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights, but while we wait I wanted to let you know about a new online community that is bringing together users who are interested in campaigns like ours. This community, called Organizing Against Sexual Assault, is for learning to use online campaigns to fight sexual assault and rape culture. This is a safe space to share campaigning resources and skills, help support each other and discuss the ways we can work to end sexual violence – and I think that you have a lot to share with the community. We’ve just put up a post titled Help Pass the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights. You can ask questions about the bill and how you can best help get it passed in Congress and take action in your own state -- we’ll do our best to answer your questions. Here's the thread: Come join this active community on ChangeF

    Anyone who wants to help these brave women in their causes to end the rape culture,
    this song tribute is for creative use to help stop victimization of rape, revenge porn,
    trafficking and
    sexual extortion and bullying (online and IRL) that have even led to suicides of rape
    and bullying victims, such as Amanda Todd, Rehtaeh Parsons and others.

    I also want to commend Jada in Houston for her courage in standing up for herself
    against online bullying after rape; and thank the online warriors who fought to expose
    coverups of rapes of a 14-year-old in Maryville and 16-year-old in Steubenville.
    I invite all supporters of Jada and other students who want to stop bullying and suicides caused by rape
    to create your own video and media messages in a collaborative, creative national campaign.
    Why not invest resources and entertainment dollars into locally owned production of
    music, movies and other media that supports women especially those in recovery from rape, abuse and trafficking.

    As for Brock Turner, Oscar Pistorius and others with potential to reach
    out to fellow offenders to end sexual violence and rape, I also pray that
    all schools and universities join together to invest in medical R&D
    into the causes and cures of abusive disorders. These men can help!

    The families of Reeva Steenkamp, Nicole Brown Simpson, Annie Le, Morgan Harrington, and
    others (including two classmates of mine whose murders changed my world, Shelley Sikes
    from TCHS and Cindy Rounsaville from RICE) deserve to see Justice for loved ones by
    developing standardized medical procedures for detecting, treating, and containing criminal
    illness, like any other deadly diseases, before it's too late.

    Thank you!

  2. NOTES on Stop Rape Now campaign: (1) proposal is to raise $2 million to reform WBAI public radio in NY as a national HQ for media outreach and sustainable resources through microdonations and microloans to help women recovering from rape, abuse (including bullying and legal abuse), and trafficking, with a special focus on women in education, business and community development. (2) Please support a team in writing a petition to the Clinton and Trump campaign and legal teams to address the bullying and legal abuse surrounding rape charges and cases, and invest in an effective, accessible process for resolving rape cases and investing restitution and resources into sustainable support for longterm recovery for victims of rape, trafficking, and other abuses. Thank you, Emily Nghiem PM emilynghiem c/o