Sunday, October 29, 2017

Don't Blame Victims for the Crime


FINAL Lyrics (reposted for Amanda Nguyen and RISE who won the landmark victory to pass a Bill of Rights through Congress protecting Rape Victims, by reforming procedural flaws causing further injustice and trauma):

Don't Blame Victims for the Crime

[How dare you blame me
After you rape me]

How dare you blame me
For things beyond my control
How dare you make up lies
That I consented
I clearly was passed out cold
I'm not the one on trial. Don't
Point your filthy little guilty
Fingers at me. I'm lucky I'm alive
This almost killed me

Why am I judged by society?
While you deny what you did to me?
If I'm not crazy I'd lose my mind
Reading the headlines:
Blaming victims for the crime!

Will Lady Justice
Get sold to the highest bid?
Is every Jury biased?
By what I'm wearing when
NOTHING that I said or did
Could ever justify this!

Laws were not intended to be
Used to SHAME
And silence every witness
To this sickness!

Why is due process denied to me?
While you get off with LUNCACY?
Have we gone crazy and lost our minds
Believing the headlines?
Don't blame victims for the crime!

[How dare you blame us
And not the rapists]

My baby sister,
She takes this upon herself.
I told her maybe
It would have been someone else...

Who cries in the dark
Her life torn apart
While dangerous killers walk free
Till we cure the real disease
Abuse can be healed
Prevented in time
Till then who's paying for the crime?

We won't put up with society
Condemning us, while crooks go free!
Sign our petition, tell all your friends
Everyone online: STOP
Blaming victims for the crime!

Let Justice prevail
Not put up for sale
By criminals courts, where drug lords
Traffic women through the jails.
The cycle can break
When we make up our minds:
Don't blame victims for crime!



Lyrics inspired by the two sisters at Stanford who brought this issue to worldwide attention, and dedicated to RISE and the outreach work by Amanda Nguyen: